Our Vision


At the Cross Christian Center Ministries Vision– Revelation, direction of divine insight– Proverbs 29:18

The vision of AT THE CROSS CHRISTIAN CENTER MINISTRIES is not a new thing, nor is it special to our ministry. This call directed towards many and was proclaimed before the foundation of the world. Though many have heard the call, few have been chosen for the task, nor has it been lived out.

ATCCCM's vision is for the restoration of God’s people through the teaching and preaching of the “Message of The Cross”. If one does not understand the Message of the Cross, even as it was given to us by the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul, then simply put, the believer does not know how to live for God.  The Message of the Cross is actually the meaning of the new covenant which is actually the meaning of the Cross.

Our ministry, along with others, has been called to restore the Message of The Cross, true love, a life or prayer and adherence to the doctrine of the apostles. Through the languishing of integrity in the church
many losses have been suffered, but a Joshua Generation, is on the rise. This cadre attired in the full armor of God, walking in the supernatural, empowered by the Holy Spirit, identified by the Fruit of the Spirit, is restoring the breaches and receiving the promises of God.

AT THE CROSS CHRISTIAN CENTER MINISTRIES vision is that our congregation be equipped with the five fold ministry gifts, so that they be not tossed to and fro, by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness; and being properly trained, they may go and recruit other lost and hurting souls for the Kingdom;while bringing all (the churched and un-churched) to the knowledge and fullness of Christ.

ATCCCM vision is that we make ourselves available to assist all who desire including  the local Church to come to the knowledge of JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED for salvation, justification and sanctification by faith through evangelism, teaching, preaching, fellowship, support and encouragement.  

ATCCCM's vision is not solely local or limited, but is to cross denominational, racial, ethnic, national, and international boundaries. At the threshold of our Lord and Savior’s return, we are compelled to “strive for excellence and the beauty of holiness,” to finish the course, keep and fight the good fight of faith and to show forth HIS praises until HE comes.



At the Cross Christian Center Ministries

"Welcome, There Is Still Room at the Cross for You!"


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